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Ending Chapters.

One dream.

Inside I watched the rain bleed blood,

Running down the window Pane. Then

all at once I was outside with

an umbrella that provided

no shade. I walked far away and

came upon an unburied grave.

In it laid no tangible thing,

But hoped-for, now stale images that

Had come to no fruition,

Marked with a tombstone “Here lies strife

And discontent”. I threw ashes,

Desperate to bury what was dead,

As hollow tears unlocked doors that

Were already empty in my soul.

These tears dropped on the ashes of

My grave, they kindled a violent

Flame and hues I had never seen,

brought forth a golden bird that flew

away, a rainbow in it’s wake.

It’s time to finally “Rise in peace”.







Full; fully fed.
Read; I read some of a book today –
I have a bed,
a roof over my head.
My laundry is in the dryer.
No pressure, just life –
the pressure of life –
the real one,
and the one I create,
and the vast space in between –
between me, my drying t shirts,
and the life in my mind;
between me and my shoulders
and my back –
tense with what they call knots –
and the life I know,
I know I’m not living.

Little lady

Little lady,

a little older.

“Venti black tea,

no water,

no sweetner;

shake it up real good,



At the bar:

“Thanks, doll.

You have a good Sunday.”

(Giggles to herself softly as she leaves.)

the B.C.C.



Please, someone next to you


just be                      DISTURBED.


What is it that you need?

Please Tell, this place is safe here. HERE.

I want to hear you.

It’s okay. ohhh wait, shhhh…

I think        THEY

can hear.

Quieter still…

Oh My. God. Is that really how you FEEL?