P.S. –

Another “Ah-ha!” on my morning run:

I was thinking… perhaps all the “creative” people in the world, are really those that, when they truly are themselves (where the only genuine creativity emerges…) they are still accepted and praised by society. Perhaps, society cannot handle the crazy, eccentric selves that call themselves dull accountants today. Think “Dead Poet’s Society,” Mr. Keating, and Todd Anderson, and the impromtu poetry bit. Perhaps, the world possesses an astronomical amount of repressed creativity, repressed by cultural boundaries, social formalities…  If only, if only we could find the strength and courage to embrace our true selves and the true selves of others! What a vibrant world I insufficiently imagine (because the world does not accept my true self… haha) it would be.


One response to “P.S. –

  1. Yeah, imagine what it will be like in Heaven. No repression, instead we get to truly be free to be as creative as we can be. And we get to see Jesus be really creative when he makes a totally NEW heaven and earth right before our eyes. It is going to be awesome.

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