best. sister. ever. (such excitement, it’s whispered in reverence.)

why you are the best big sister ever:
22. you make coffee in the morning. 21. you make a specific cup for me in the morning. ( you know how i like it) 20. you introduce me to new things like sparkling water, greek yogurt and peppers! 19. you get excited about grocery stores and trader joe’s and whole foods (…it’s the most romantic grocery store you know?) 18. you keep me mostly up to date on world happenings, hello news source!17. you are funny. you make me laugh the hardest.
16. you fashion sense is just insanely keen. 15. I feel like you hold on loosely to material items. just like the Bible says! 14. you don’t watch much tv – except for what not to wear! see no. 7 13. you like to share. share knowledge. share joy. share friends. share makeup. =) 12. you are sweet to me. you tell me when necessary that it “doesn’t F****ng matter!” 11. you point me to Christ and the God’s word. 10. you feel deeply. 9. you draw peacocks really cute. 8. you sincerely care for everyone God brings into your life. His love is being perfected in you. 7. you are open and vulnerable with people which leaves room for them to be open and vulnerable back. 6. you are wise. you thoughtfully assess before you open your mouth and draw conclusions. not like me! haha. 5. you trust the Lord to bring blessings into your life. 4. you fearlessly deal with past wrongs, brokenness, and disappointment. 3. you don’t walk around with bitterness or resentment, you trust God with people who have hurt you and release them to him. 2. you have the biggest heart and accept people as they are. 1. you love me.
if you want to know more just keep turning a year older! I can’t wait until your 72! that’s gonna be one big wall post! Happy Birthday to the birdy who taught me how to fly!!!! [cheese? yes. Brie please]


One response to “best. sister. ever. (such excitement, it’s whispered in reverence.)

  1. You are so wonderful. Love the cheese! Bring on the Brie! Give me that Gouda! Hahaha. Thanks Nan. You are the best little sister in the world, the galaxy…the universe… :*

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